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About miriam

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in private practice with 10+ years of experience in treating mental health and substance use disorders. Previous to private practice, I worked as a clinician and director at a mental health agency where I oversaw child and family community-based services including adolescent/young adult substance abuse programs.

While I specialize in adolescents, young adults, and substance use disorder treatment, I also have a broad range of experience in treating older adults, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and non-substance obsessive compulsive disorders. I work with individuals, families, and couples utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing (MI), community reinforcement approach (CRA), and methods influenced by Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) as well as the Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT). My background in yoga and meditation also guides my mind-body-oriented approach in order to access all aspects of one’s abilities and healing methodologies.

My goal is to help you achieve a deeper sense of self-knowledge in a non-judgmental and compassionate way as you work toward the ultimate goal of balance and healthy connection with yourself and others. My role is as a trusted witness and facilitator who will guide you through this healing process, reflecting certain realities and information along the way, deepening your perspective, and encouraging an open mind to reveal the wise-minded self already within you.



Addiction Specialty

I specialize in treatment of addiction to substances and have worked extensively with adolescents and young adults—intervention during this period of time is paramount to developing resiliency.

I work with clients within a motivational, non-judgmental framework, utilizing education and behavioral modification as well as family intervention to change ways of thinking and relating in the world.

By virtue of my specialty population, my focus has largely been on marijuana and alcohol abuse and pre-contemplative stages of change. I am certified in what is known as the community reinforcement approach (CRA) and have extensive experience in navigating systems of care and collaborating with providers, families, schools, and community members. I also conduct family and couples counseling focusing on co-dependency issues in relationships and family systems. I believe that disconnection is implicit in mental illness and addiction and that building connection is the key to recovery.


In my practice, I often employ what is known as the community reinforcement approach (CRA). This is a psychosocial intervention for individuals with alcohol and other drug use disorders and family members of individuals either in treatment or possibly resistant or reluctant to enter treatment. The focus of this approach is to help individuals find healthier, more adaptive ways to meet their social and emotional needs than using substances. Patients learn practical skills to meet their goals including communication, problem solving, assertive drink and drug refusal, job-hunting skills, and social or recreational counseling to identify sober activities.


I am certified in A-CRA (adolescent community reinforcement approach), an evidence-based substance use disorder treatment that combines behavioral and motivational approaches and is targeted for the adolescent and young adult population but can be utilized for all ages.  I am certified as both an A-CRA clinician and supervisor. I am also certified in substance abuse assessments (GAIN) and utilize other methods of substance abuse intervention including CBT and behavioral skill building techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.





Miriam Ervin, MA, LMHC

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